FHA/VA/USDA Loans versus Conventional Loans

Skirting Requirements


HUD has published substantial detailed requirements in its 1996 Guidelines as well as subsequent memorandum on the subject of skirting.

The engineer must certify that the skirting is intact, structurally sound and braced.

Vinyl skirting panels with weed eater holes larger than ½ inch must be replaced.

Other types of skirting panels that have holes in them large enough for mice or other rodents to enter must have those panels replaced.

The skirting must have one vent for each 150 SF of living area and must also have a manway on hinges with a latch.

Conventional Loans

Even though damaged skirting replacement is not required in Florida for conventional loans, the buyer should be aware of the following:

1. Damaged skirting increases the likelihood that rodents and other vermin will be able to get into the crawlspace and cause severe damage to ductwork, insulation and electrical

2. Close to 80 % of MH buyers have to use FHA or VA financing and the damaged skirting will disqualify this home from those buyers at such a future time as the buyer may sell the home