Buying, selling or borrowing? When your foundation needs a transformation

Florida Manufactured Foundations LLC is a mobile home foundation contractor serving all of Florida. 

Our mobile home foundation retrofit is designed to satisfy FHA, VA and USDA requirements as specified in the HUD Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing, September, 1998.

For conventional loans, our mobile home foundation retrofit is designed to satisfy State of Fla Guidelines as per Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing, December, 2012.

With two full-time crews servicing our clients, we can respond to very short deadlines and always have the work done and the report to the client in time frames that no one else can match.

This allows us to also keep our retrofit pricing very competitive while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism that our long term mobile home realtor customers, many going back 12 to 15 years, have come to expect from us. 

Why Choose Fla Mfg Foundations? (F.M.F)

Our full-time retrofit staff, with 25 years of manufactured installation experience, also allows us to solve mobile home retrofit project and schedule problems in an expedited manner that is simply not in the capability of others with less experience.

Our mobile home properties retrofit clients (realtors, mortgage companies, buyers and sellers) are well aware of how deeply committed we are to the quality and timeliness of our retrofit work. They also know our commitment to full communication all through the retrofit process. Our principals are available by cell phone and email 24 hours a day.

The realty business is well known for all the variables that go on and that must be grappled and held together to go toward a successful and timely closing.

Our retrofit team offers the ability to the realtor, lender, and or Title Company to make one phone call to reduce these variables to manageable numbers, with the knowledge that the most experienced retrofit foundation and general construction team in the business is now on their team. That, with our costs beating the competition by 30% to 35% , makes it a win-win for the whole team.

No realtor has ever had to postpone a closing due to delayed retrofit report from us. We have a 100% record in getting the work done and the report out when we said we would.

Team – that is the key definition of our retrofit service… we do our part of getting the project to closing and our clients know that and depend on it.

Contact us to see what we can do for you! Free Estimates within 24 hours. 

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